Jojoba Facial Polish

Jojoba Facial Polish

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Our beautiful Jojoba Facial Polish gently exfoliates your skin with natural Jojoba wax beads and finely ground bamboo, instantly sloughing away dry dull surface skin cells to reveal a more youthful clear complexion. A very popular product, loved by many!

We also include our fabulously effective Burdock Root botanical extract and certified Juniper Berry essential oil. Recommended to use 1-3 times weekly. Suitable for most skin types. 65mls


A delightful mix of NZ Distilled Water, Plant based emulsifiers, Nourishing oils of Sunflower (, Safflower (, Olive & Vitamin E, Botanical extracts of Carrot, Chamomile & Calendula, Bamboo & natural Jojoba wax beads, certified YlangYlang & Juniper Berries essential oils, plus a wee bit of a Phenoxyethanol/ ethylhexyglycerin (preservative).


  • Safe For Animals
  • PETA as Cruelty-free & Vegan