Advanced Skin Analysis + Report

Advanced Skin Analysis + Report

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Do you know your Skin Type, or Skin Condition? 

What are your particular skin concerns? 

Is it Premature Aging? Menopausal dry skin? Pigmentation? Inflammation? Dilated Capillaries? Rosacea? Acne? A mixture of a few issues that you just don't know what to treat first or next?

Tell us and we will help you! An in-depth look at your skin, regime, genetics, history, health and lifestyle can reveal many answers. Let us show you the best path forward to achieving the best your skin can be.  Its super for your confidence!   

Fill in our very detailed online Questionnaire and we will drill deep to find the answers to WHY your skin is behaving as it is.  A detailed multi-page Report is sent to your email address.  This Report (5+ double-sided pages worth) offers a simple explanation, AND a a detailed explanation, for why YOUR skin is behaving the way it is, PLUS we offer helpful suggestions on skin-loving vitamins/supplements, important skincare ingredients.

PLUS, as a bonus - an in-salon Advanced Skin Treatments ACTION PLAN to follow if you wish.  This is HOW we can help.  This plan is 100% personalized for YOUR skin type, skin condition and concerns.   

PLUS, as an added bonus - an indepth Meal Plan pertaining to YOUR specific skin condition, focusing on Gut Health, to follow if you wish.  This Meal Plan has been created by world reknown Dermal Nutritionist Chiza Westcarr, on our behalf, for YOU.  (Valued at $95)

As for 'us' .. Teena Cooke has the answers you are looking for.  Her qualifications are varied and her experience vast.  Her passion for helping her clients achieve healthy, glowing skin at any age and stage, is the motivation behind her advanced skin studies, her clinic specializing in Advanced Skin Treatments, and her own skincare range "True Botanix". 

NOTE:  There is no shipping cost to this, as the Questionnaire is sent to the email address you provide when you place your order.  There is no affiliation with any health supplements suggested, and emphasis is on skincare ingredients.  If you prefer this to be face-to-face at her clinic, phone 027-5517011 for an appointment and quote.